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Why Should You Hire a Local Expert When Entering The US Market?

Updated: 4 days ago

Why hire a local expert? In short: because a local expert is 10 steps away, while you might be 10,000 steps from your target 🎯

I'm 10 steps away while you might be a 1,000 steps away.
Close and far target

Many founders and teams feel overwhelmed and intimidated by the thought of doing business in a foreign country. You should be. Because it is scary. Aiming at a tiny bullseye from a thousand miles away is indeed intimidating.

But here's the thing: local experts are already in the US.

→ We know the market inside and out.

→ We understand the nuances of American culture and business practices.

→ We have a network of contacts and resources that can help you succeed. 

→ And most importantly, we're just 10 steps away from that target.

So what are the benefits for you? You can avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. You can get the guidance and support you need to navigate this complex market (and reduce the anxiety that comes along with it). By working with a local expert, you can increase your chances of hitting that bullseye. 

So if you are far far away, and consider entering the US market TAG Marketing is trained to your eyes and ears on the ground.


👋 I’m Anat Yaniv, founder of TAG Marketing Services.

🌎 A B2C marketing agency, focused on growth and US market entry.

🎯 Services include: Fractional CMO/strategy, GTM, marketing audits, paid media strategy, data reporting, brand support and more

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