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Whether you're venturing into the US market or aiming to expand your existing US business, this is what to expect when working with TAG.  

Spiral Stairs

Onboarding/Discovery Call

Kicking off by getting to know your business inside out. We talk to you and the team, identifying valuable insights to inform our strategy.


Data deep dive

Post onboarding calls, we delve into analyzing various data sources, including sales history, marketing channels, and website traffic. This in-depth examination enables us to extract factual historical data, identify potential growth avenues, and ultimately inform strategic decision-making and next steps for your business.


Aligning on needs (+ Strategy Session)

Having completed our calls and gained a thorough understanding of your business, it's now time to align on high-level needs and direction. Through close collaboration, we will work together to develop and shape these aspects, ensuring that our efforts are fully aligned with your goals and objectives. If needed , we'll conduct a strategy sessions to further focus our alignment. 


Marketing growth plan or GTM Framework

Depends on your objective, this is where TAG brings industry know-how to the table, crafting a tailored marketing strategy that's designed to elevate your brand. We develop a comprehensive Go-To-Market (GTM) framework or growth marketing plan for maximum impact.  This can include any deep dive research to ensure we hit on the right audience.  


Execution & measurment

With a solid plan in place, we roll up our sleeves and put it into action. TAG has the access to the best people on the ground to bring your marketing strategy to life, driving tangible results and boosting your business.

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