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Case Study: Successful Personalization in Marketing by Mejuri

Updated: Apr 30

When deciding what I wanted to share when speaking on the DX3 panel on personalization in marketing, my mind immediately went to an email I had received from Mejuri

And then I hesitated. It wasn’t work I had done. It was more personal. I wasn’t sure if it was a “panel appropriate” answer. 

But, it perfectly encapsulated what successful personalization in marketing looks like. For me as a consumer, personalization means getting excited when I get a relevant and thoughtful offer that seems very effortless. But at the same time, as a marketer, I know that from the brand’s perspective, the more relevant and effortless the content is, the harder it is to create. 

So I went ahead and included it in my comments. And I am so glad I did as it was the most common thing folks came up to speak with me about afterwards!

As a result, I wanted to share more about this Mejuri email here on the TAG blog.

A bit of background to set the stage…

  • I’m a repeat Mejuri customer and have purchased several pieces in the past few years

  • By Black Friday ‘23, I hadn’t purchased anything for the last 6 months or so. From a marketing standpoint, I was a 6+ months churned customer. 

  • I have purchased their higher price point items so my LTV is likely higher than average 

  • I had planned so many black Friday promos with my clients and I promised myself that I wasn’t going to fall for any promos this year!

Then, on black Friday, while my inbox was full of promo emails with conversion driven subjects,  I received a very thoughtful email from the VP of Customer Experience titled ‘Grateful for You’. The first thought that came to my mind was ‘wow, it was about me, not about a sale’- that’s interesting… I've got to open this email (+1 for the open rate) 

Then the body of the email continues to be thoughtful with Mejuri thanking me for wearing their jewelry. And the cherry on the top? The email included a $100 CREDIT to spend on the site. I just couldn’t resist and had to click on the email to believe it ( +1 for the click through rate).

When I landed on the site, the entire site was on sale, so I ended up buying yet another Mejuri piece that day (ding ding ding, +1 for conversion!). I totally fell for this campaign! 

As a customer, I was thrilled and as a marketer I was impressed. While it was a seamless experience for me, I know a lot of work had to be done on the backend. 

My interpretation of what Mejuri did on the backend (not validated)…

  • Customer segmentation deep dive… 

    • Repeat vs new

      • For Repeat buyers:

        • Spend level

        • Churn date

  • Distinct offering depending on customer segmentation 

    • New buyers likely received a percentage discount 

    • Churned buyers with a higher LTV (like me) received a higher value promotion  

  • Personalized messaging 

    • The messaging nicely aligned with black friday and also the tone I’ve come to expect from the Mejuri brand. 

The result: A personalized and frictionless experience that reactivated at least one churned user (me!)

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