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Reflections from DX3 2024

Updated: May 8

I’ve had the opportunity to attend DX3, Canada’s biggest retail marketing and technology event for two years and each time I have found it to be an incredible opportunity to stay current on the latest technological advances in marketing. I always leave full of ideas and opportunities for Tag clients. 

But what I find equally as valuable is the opportunity to meet with other marketing leaders – to learn about the topics on their mind, the challenges they are working through, and just connect in general. 

While it’s still fresh in my mind, here are three of my biggest personal takeaways from DX3 2024: 

Get crystal clear on your value proposition and align your focus accordingly. I was initially invited to speak on three panels and at first I was tempted - three panels is three different audiences to get in front of, three opportunities to practice public speaking, and three different groups of panelists to connect with. But only one of the panels was strongly aligned with my expertise. So I declined the other panels to focus as much of my energy as possible on the one where I could deliver the most value. As I result, I felt really positively about the one panel I spoke on rather than spreading myself too thin and potentially being a lackluster panelist across three panels.

Quality > Quantity when it comes to networking. For me, two or three thoughtful conversations are so much better and more valuable than trying to connect with every possible person and leave me feeling invigorated rather than depleted. Plus, I end up leaving with two or three strong connections rather than a blur of conversations I barely remember.

The personal is powerful. When I was preparing to speak on the DX3 panel on personalization in marketing, I immediately thought of an experience I had with the brand Mejuri. But I hesitated - it wasn’t work I had done and I wondered if it was the right example to share. But, it perfectly encapsulated what successful personalization in marketing looks like. So I went ahead and shared it. After the panel, several people spoke with me afterwards and everyone wanted to talk about the same thing - my Mejuri experience.  It was an important reminder to trust my instincts - my excitement over the experience and lessons learned was palpable and others picked up on that. 

Succeeding in marketing is about so much more than technological know-how.  My experience at DX3 was an important reminder that, at the end of the day, success (personally and professionally!) is much more dependent on focus, quality, and authenticity. 


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