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SMART Goals Framework (In Marketing Campaigns)

Updated: Jan 30

When setting up campaign goals, I highly recommend using the S.M.A.R.T goals framework.

Why? Because. it. works. 👉 It's simple and clear.

And most importantly- you will be able to quickly determine if your campaign was a success or a failure- guaranteed!

And the best part? It works for any type of campaign, any industry).

Here are the main components of the SMART goals framework:

➡ Specific

➡ Measurable

➡ Attainable 

➡ Relevant

➡ Time-bound

To learn more and see examples, watch this 1min video:

If you need help setting campaign goals, TAG Marketing Services can help (reach out for a free consultation). 


👋 I’m Anat Yaniv, founder of TAG Marketing Services.

🌎 A B2C marketing agency, focused on growth and US market entry.

🎯 Services include: Fractional CMO/strategy, GTM, marketing audits, paid media strategy, data reporting, brand support and more.

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