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3 Common Mistakes Ecommerce Brands Make When Entering The US Market.

Updated: 4 days ago

When planning US market entry from far away, things could look obscure, vague and scary. It's easy to make mistakes when you are across the ocean. Working with brands entering the US market, i've noticed few common repeated mistakes.

Here is a breakdown of three common mistakes and more importantly how you can avoid making these costly mistakes:

What are the three common mistakes entering the US Market?
Common mistakes when entering the US market

❌ Mistake: Jump right into tactic planning (and assume you know the strategy).

✅ How to avoid: Invest in building go-to-market (GTM) strategy that is relevant to the US market.

❌ Mistake: Think too narrow about your audience or assume your audience is the same around the globe.

✅ How to avoid: You don’t know what you don't know! Invest in researching your potential US audience (it might be bigger or different than you think).

❌ Mistake: Forecast too aggressive, linear sales goals.

✅ How to avoid: Invest in learning local trends, take into account market entry learning curve and build that into your sales forecast.

Entering the US market can be daunting and from what I see, is never perfect, there are always bumps on the road. But these bumps could be a no brainer if you have the right support.

If you consider entering the US market, my reccomendation would be to hire a local expert on the grounds. Local experts will guide you on the right steps, will provide local insights and will make sure your entry is as smooth as it can be. Good luck on your endeavor!

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