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Decoding 3 Marketing Acronyms

Updated: Jan 30

Raise your hand if you've ever come across marketing acronyms and thought, "Wait, what on earth do these mean?"

Decoding 3 Marketing Acronyms
Marketing Acronyms

Let’s decode three:

  • USP- Unique selling proposition. This is what sets your company apart from the competition.

  • TAM- Total addressable market. This is the audience size that your product or service could potentially reach.

  • GTM- Go-To-Market, is your strategic plan to bring you product or service to the market.

I hope this 🤨 turned into 😃 .

Wondering about other acronyms? contact TAG Marketing to learn more!


👋 I’m Anat Yaniv, founder of TAG Marketing Services.

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🎯 Services include: Fractional CMO/strategy, GTM, marketing audits, paid media strategy, data reporting, brand support and more.

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