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Implementing AI in Your Marketing Workflow

Updated: 4 days ago

Talk of AI and how it is and will continue to alter the landscape of digital marketing is everywhere. Today we want to go beyond the buzz and explore actual concrete ways AI can be used to speed up marketing workflows. 

  • Generate content ideas. Tools like StoryChief Insights can be used to create a first draft of content from blog posts to email subject lines to landing page copy. While these tools shouldn’t replace the writing process entirely, it can be a great starting point and idea generator. 

  • Repurpose content. Make the most of your content and tailor it to be shared across different social platforms. For example, Headliner takes audio clips and turns them into video content that can be posted on Instagram as reels.

  • Utilize text analysis platforms to synthesize user research. After you’ve conducted qualitative user research, upload the transcripts to a tool such as ChatGPT and ask the tool to summarize key trends and challenges that come up in the transcripts. 

  • Quickly assess brand perception through AI powered social listening tools. Tools such as Devi analyze vast amounts of data across multiple platforms to create reports that help you understand how your brand is being spoken about and perceived.

  • Create designer worthy images. Canva really changed the game in enabling non-graphic designers to create pretty professional looking images for marketing collateral. Dall-e has taken things to the next level and can create original images from just a text description. 

Image created by Dall-e

  • Draft copy for paid media. Hubspot’s Campaign Assistant will ask you a few questions such as the channel your ad will go on, the goal of your campaign and the tone you are aiming for. It will then generate ad copy for you formatted for the exact channel your ad will be displayed on. 

By implementing AI into your workflow, you can save time and resources on tasks that might otherwise take hours or require you to hire additional support. 

To our fellow marketers, we’d love to hear - have you used any of these tools? How are you implementing AI into your workflow? 


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