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3 Secrets to creating a local site experience

Updated: Jan 30

When you decide to enter the US market, you are probably using current ecomm site and operations to test the water. This is the right first move.

But what if you experience a high % of cart abandon? this can be frustrating to you and to you potential prospecting customers form the US. Having a clear site with the right signals will ensure that your US customer feel comfortable placing an order (and hopefully lot's of orders).

When entering the US market, follow these three secrets so creating a local site experience.
3 secrets to creating local site experience

The solution might be simpler than you think. Here are three tips to creating a local site experience:

  • Get a local domain- that doesn’t mean you also have to physically move to the US, or set up local operations, just a domain for now. People can be intimidated by site addresses that they are not familiar with and assume that the site might be a fraud. Implementing a local domain, will take away this concern and increase the chance of a conversion.

  • Show local currency- People tend to be intimidated by foreign sites with non-native currency. Once they see a foreign currency, it will raise questions such as: where are the products coming from? how long shipping will take? will i need to pay extra for taxes or customs?. Chances are the these people will prefer to look for a local alternative. why lose these customers? implementing local currency will increase your chances for new customers buy-in.

  • Global testimonials- Testimonials are important in general. But they are even more important if you are a new kid in the neighborhood. You want to make the best first impression. Including testimonials from around the globe, in English, will increase brand trust in an effortless way.


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