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US Market Entry: The Marketing Puzzle (Based on Primary Research).

Updated: Jan 30

When I founded TAG Marketing, I conducted a primary research with global founders. I spoke with CEO's from Latin America, Europe, Canada and the Middle East. The goal of this research was to find out what are their biggest concerns when entering the US market.

It is no secret that legal, accounting and operations are part of these concerns. But what surprised me the most was that I found that 60% of the founders' concerns entering the US market were marketing-related!

US market entry big challenges based on primary research
You are not a lone

So what is the US market entry marketing puzzle? and how can you address these elements?

The elements of the marketing puzzle
Marketing Puzzle Element

  1. LACK OF LOCAL AUDIENCE KNOWLEDGE. Before entering the US market, you must gain a deep understanding of the local audience you are after. Sticking spagetti on the wall here can cost you a lot of $$ so taking a data driven approach will go a long way and pay off big time.

  2. BRAND AWARENESS- It’s equally important to focus on building a strong brand awareness. You may not like to hear this, but brands awareness takes time to establish, a long time. It is not something you can jus turn like magic. Brand awareness is a constant effort for the long run.

  3. BRAND TRUST- establishing trust with potential customers will be the third piece of this puzzle. And building trust takes time. Think about it like the domino affect. You get them one by one, you build that trust and you slowly build brand ambassadors.

Entering the US market is no joke. So make sure you prioritize these puzzle pieces in your marketing strategy. 🧩 

If you want to learn more about these elements, here is the full US Market Entry case study.


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