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Awareness: 3 Principles To Practice As The Long Term Game

Updated: Jan 30

Don't settle for just short-term gains in your business plan - think long term. We all know that an overnight success usually result in an overnight failure, a trend that has passed.

Awareness: 3 Principles To Practice As The Long Term Game
The Long Term Game

The brand awareness element in your plan is your long-term investment. I'm not going to lie, creating brand awareness, maintaining it and be successful- is not an easy task, in fact it's really hard.

With that, here are three principal to practice so you can maximize your brand's potential:

1️⃣ Stay focused: Define your value propositions and stick to it. This is what you will be known for.

2️⃣ Channel consistency: select two channels and show up regularly. This will keep you top of mind.

3️⃣ Patience is key: It takes time to become a household name. Seeds will grow into trees 🌳.


👋 I’m Anat Yaniv, founder of TAG Marketing Services.

🌎 A B2C marketing agency, focused on growth and US market entry.

🎯 Services include: Fractional CMO/strategy, GTM, marketing audits, paid media strategy, data reporting, brand support and more.

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